This class is taught from a technical angle. It is focused on teaching major lifts and increasing strength and power as the weeks progress. You’ll want to be committed to coming back weekly to ensure the building blocks for proper form are not missed!
Everything during this class is a PUSH or a PULL! Increase your Strength and Power with these specific movements. Join us!
Get in PRIME CONDITION with this plyometrics class! This is a fast pace conditioning workout, that challenges your inner athlete! Get ready to change directions quickly.
Grab your boxing gloves, you'll need them! This class combines GLUTES and BOXING. Burn fat and build the Booty at the same time!
You will need your boxing gloves for this Signature Kick A** workout. Sweat, hard work and lots of punching! Condition yourself to move quicker, perform faster and drop body fat with this class!
This is a fast pace, FAT burning cardio circuit! The Trainer focuses on limited breaks while pushing you from exercise to exercise. A great morning workout!
Functional fitness prepares you for everyday movements. Learn proper technique and form for exercises using a Barbell! Add in tire flips and Sledge hammer exercises and you're toast! 
Get your quick feet ready! Cone work, ladder drills and speed work will get you a great workout while also improving your athletic abilities!
Functional training using TRX straps and your body weight for an ultimate Full body and Core workout! Come check it out!
Great class for any client that wants to strengthen their core and low back. 

This class is all Upper Body! Time will fly as you work your way from station to station to complete a series of exercises that are sure to tighten and tone every inch of your upper body. This is the ultimate toning class for all levels, beginner to advanced.

We're making some changes! This Power Yoha womkkk definitely challenge you! Balance your body, mind, and soul with this challenging, mind-clearing class. Focus on stretching, inversions, and yoga moves in our peaceful studio. This class is designed to open up your posture, increase your flexibility, remove stress, and improve your balance.